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Updated on: 2022-01-19

Posted on: 2022-01-19

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Package: B12 PHP FW

A CRUD package allows PHP developers to quickly create Web based user interfaces to manipulate records of application data often stored in a database.

There are many CRUD package. Read this article to learn why a new PHP CRUD package was necessary to enjoy certain important benefits for implementing Web applications.

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In this article you will learn:

Why Another CRUD Package?

What is B12 PHP FW?

What About Other CRUD Approaches?

Download or Install the B12 PHP FW Package Using PHP Composer

Why Another CRUD Package?

Baiscally, I could not find a learning source for PHP CRUD code skeleton. I mean source code that is in a standardized format and shared global core code to minimize and simplify applications code that was similar to what I learned during 23 years working in Oracle Forms.

What is B12 PHP FW?

The B12 PHP FW package is my implementation of a better CRUD packages.

In B12 PHP FW I have a global and shared core code skeleton package with an abstract class in Config_allsites.php and a trait in Db_allsites.php there are 3 main packages: Oracle Forms modules subgroups in modules group folder glomodul, each module in own folder. There are no M, V, C folders.

For all modules for CRUD pages we have:

  1. Mnu (menus) 

  2. Mkd (WYSIWYG markdown editor like for instance Simplemde, or may be HTML editor like Summernote

  3. Msg (blog based on best blogs I could find in learning sources on Internet).

What About Other CRUD Approaches?

There are other packages which show what ideas others have about using MVC, namespaces, PDO CRUD, etc..

In my opinion those approaches are not as good for the beginner. I think it is too complicated the idea that each table has own CRUD class.

Oracle Forms does not use that approach since at lease dozen years ago.

In the PHP Classes the best ranked MVC package makes use of scafolding by automatically generating each table own CRUD class, similar to what YII and other popular PHP frameworks use.

What wonders me, I do not see mentioned other possibilities to implement a CRUD. I think it is a bad practice in many things, in many activities when the good approaches are not explained.

In my opinion it is bad for the beginner implementing an approach that is too complicated of using the M, V, C folders for all application modules that have CRUD pages.

Yes Oracle Forms has libraries but they are not used for this purpose. In the 23 years that I worked with Oracle Forms I did not used Oracle Forms libraries.

Ideas like what I call pre-CRUD code, that are called adapters Web programming are explained as being complicated, mistificated, not simply explained like in B12 PHP FW package.

Also the best PHP frameworks have dozens megabytes of complicated code. B12phpfw has few kB of simple code.

It seems to me B12 PHP FW, which is my way of implementing "Oracle Forms modules" in PHP programming, is unique and best idea, and, at least, best for learning PHP.

Download or Install the B12 PHP FW Package Using PHP Composer

You can download or install the B12 PHP FW using PHP Composer tool by going to this download page to get the package code. That page also contains instructions on how to install package using PHP Composer from the PHP Classes site.

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